She Dumped Him.

20 abr 2020
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It was the Alien’s fault.

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • This aged horribly

    Noah GomesNoah GomesHace 34 minutos
  • Now Mike and Amara really broke up their relationship...

    Dino ParatusicDino ParatusicHace un hora
  • Anyone watching this now that they actually broke up fr

    Spam ChipsSpam ChipsHace 3 horas
  • Well then this is ironic

    CrUsHyCrUsHyHace 4 horas
  • Who is here after Mike actually broke up with Lana

    rishonrishonHace 4 horas
  • OK Logan I may be eight months late but that is satellites called starship you idiot I saw it that same night and I thought they were gonna prove my ass to so don’t be that dumb those are satellites

    Hollis KellyHollis KellyHace 4 horas
  • She really did this time 🤣🤣

    Petar NanovikPetar NanovikHace 14 horas
  • “Maybe you two trade” mike floored me lmao

    Josh OwohJosh OwohHace un día
  • I wish I was wealthy =,(

    Aaron UnboxedAaron UnboxedHace 4 días
  • Wtf aliens

  • The bungee jumping looks so fun. I want to do the bungee jumping. Thank God those ugly lights are gone.

    Faith OlsenFaith OlsenHace 6 días
  • What’s the music name in this vlog please tell me

    Oarga VladOarga VladHace 6 días
  • im really glad i saw this

    GoldyLuckGoldyLuckHace 6 días
  • Not to burst your bubble but that star is a satellite that takes pictures of the earth at every angle but still epic bro

    Ryan JonesRyan JonesHace 7 días
  • Ly dude ❤

    Ansh BarouliyaAnsh BarouliyaHace 7 días
  • Logan your not the only one who sees those lights I see them too although I live in the uk

    Noxriety Nox-ri-etiNoxriety Nox-ri-etiHace 8 días
  • Lmao

    Sephra HoseinSephra HoseinHace 8 días
  • Imagine a star moving because of the high speed and rotation of the earth and the star lighting up and Logan thinks it is aliens idiot

    Michael CalderonMichael CalderonHace 8 días
  • Ah

    EsuomGamingEsuomGamingHace 8 días
  • Whats the song in this video??

    Neelay Naik DalalNeelay Naik DalalHace 8 días
  • Why does every time that Lana said something Logan thinks that she's going to say something porn related

    Da Golden Age DANIELDa Golden Age DANIELHace 9 días
  • Whats the song called

    AzatoryAzatoryHace 9 días
  • People can say what they want about how they hate the old Logan with long hair and no beard and actually fun because the fact is 19 million of his 22 million subscribers signed up for that Logan and now only old people like him

    ZZ GamerzzZZ GamerzzHace 10 días
  • I fell like that “mother ship” was a satellite from NaSa If it’s not then it aliens

    BlazeBlazeHace 10 días
  • I wish that these vlogs were longer because they are so entertaining. :)

    pop uppop upHace 11 días
  • 1:13 that will be the Hubble telescope or the ISS

    Bill HollowayBill HollowayHace 11 días
  • Why does Milton look like black Sylvester Stallone

    Sam PeaceSam PeaceHace 11 días
  • Logan u dumb fuck

    Tyler BradfordTyler BradfordHace 12 días
  • Good

    Isaiah WalkerIsaiah WalkerHace 12 días
  • Bro what is wrong with mikes face in the thumbnail

    l Noxy ll Noxy lHace 12 días
  • It is not a alien it is a shooting star

    Chandra GhimereyChandra GhimereyHace 12 días
  • That’s a shooting star

    Chandra GhimereyChandra GhimereyHace 12 días
  • U

    Oscar BevanOscar BevanHace 12 días
  • song please?

    Veresa RakaidawaVeresa RakaidawaHace 12 días
  • Thug life

    karma dhamchoekarma dhamchoeHace 13 días
  • What’s the song playing when he bouncing

    Anthony CervantesAnthony CervantesHace 13 días
  • when Logan Paul sees a plane oh shit its a alian

    69 Blocks69 BlocksHace 17 días
  • what is that song called ?

    josemmanuel lopezjosemmanuel lopezHace 17 días
  • So how many times have mike and Lana broke up

    Dragonslayer 72Dragonslayer 72Hace 17 días
  • Anyone else have this come up in their recommended and think that Lana and Mika broke up, or is that just me?

    GoldFishGoldFishHace 18 días

    cedillo 777cedillo 777Hace 19 días
  • Oof

    Declan Van WykDeclan Van WykHace 19 días
  • 1:18 FBI go into logan and his friend to erase everything he saw

    [drippy zxmmy][drippy zxmmy]Hace 20 días
  • I like how the "crazy" axis on the graph starts at 4

    G BlockG BlockHace 21 un día
  • I saw that star to

    Ashton OsborneAshton OsborneHace 21 un día
  • I saw that to

    Hunter SteevesHunter SteevesHace 21 un día
  • Maybe you to should trade

    Karmic ChimpKarmic ChimpHace 22 días
  • How is his content not cringe anymore What happened bro U on 🔥

    Arjit SharmaArjit SharmaHace 23 días
  • This is like David's Vlogs

    Hirusha JayalathHirusha JayalathHace 23 días
  • 😂😂😂

    Stephen WilliamsStephen WilliamsHace 23 días
  • anyone else notice that the hot vs crazy graph shows the "crazy" starting at 4 instead of zero? men just assume all women start at a level 4 cray. lol

    Odette PopkoOdette PopkoHace 25 días
  • El primer video que veo de aliens que no tiene mala calidad XD sos grande logan

    blax wait gamesblax wait gamesHace 28 días
  • Am I the only one who got a Maverick Clothing ad?

    Vyky9 AmezcuaVyky9 AmezcuaHace 29 días
  • These mfs was trippin off some shrooms I swear...😂😂

    Blazed GamingBlazed GamingHace 29 días
  • Even Is he scared of highs because he isn’t high

    HD skills AvoconeHD skills AvoconeHace 29 días
  • i broke my foot

    Mazen NesheiwatMazen NesheiwatHace un mes
  • The aliens are just a satellite and the bright thing is the moon idiots

    ImZachhImZachhHace un mes
  • Have they ever seen a plane before

    Sniper FishSniper FishHace un mes
  • Hey

    Infinite Gamer 1230Infinite Gamer 1230Hace un mes
  • maa kasam teri agar video m lana rhodes nahi hoti to dislike marta aur report karta alaag 😂

    DoomeD !DoomeD !Hace un mes
  • one Of my fantasy to break household items 1!!

    D_ PaceD_ PaceHace un mes
  • Anyone know what song Logan used when he was on the bungee cords

    Peter4life16Peter4life16Hace un mes
  • Logang!!! Be a maverick!!! Meeting Logan would be dope.

    Btar DojaBtar DojaHace un mes
  • wht is the songs name

    lucky hersheylucky hersheyHace un mes
  • i have those same towels

    Nick KuceraNick KuceraHace un mes
  • Btw logan its a satellite 😂🤣

    Isaac WenIsaac WenHace un mes
  • Intsffdf gbfbfh. Iuyuy got

    Nadine MallahNadine MallahHace un mes
  • I like your videos they’re

    Alexa RossAlexa RossHace un mes
  • Keep it's up bro . Love and always caring

    Ugly ManUgly ManHace un mes
  • What song is that

    TenmaTenmaHace un mes
  • There not ufos there satellites lol

    brodyy mcmanusbrodyy mcmanusHace un mes
  • That’s A plane lol

    Jeremy SewellJeremy SewellHace un mes
  • Hay alguien que hable español?😅

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 crazy mother fuckers LOL

    bigtonutzbigtonutzHace un mes
  • That was a super nova when stars blow up...yea

    SLAY_ ŁÆŽŸ シSLAY_ ŁÆŽŸ シHace un mes
  • Plot twist, that ass seeking alien was Josie

    Daniel GilsonDaniel GilsonHace 2 meses
    • 😂 I legit just came from that nasty impaulsive podcast segment, where logan says Josie wants to do what those aliens want to do. Yuck

      The prince of everythingThe prince of everythingHace un mes
  • Million dollar house and break it all to a waste

    Reyes GamingReyes GamingHace 2 meses
  • No one minds being clickbaited now right?

    5k subscribers with videos?5k subscribers with videos?Hace 2 meses
  • Soooo beautiful😂😂😂😂😂 -Evan

    Patrick ChurchPatrick ChurchHace 2 meses
  • It's funny cause Logan can act gay and make it funny

    cave mancave manHace 2 meses
  • Yo Logan is really tryna be a porn star 😂

    Jonathan BenavidesJonathan BenavidesHace 2 meses
  • 1:28 sorry logan. Thats a plane.

    Zak StonelakeZak StonelakeHace 2 meses
  • I just forgot RIp maverick

    Konstantinos SkenderisKonstantinos SkenderisHace 2 meses
  • It’s a satellite dumbfuck

    g_ryffg_ryffHace 2 meses
  • Those are not aliens, that's the ISS. It can be seen by the naked eye in the night sky.

    Andy JohalAndy JohalHace 2 meses
  • Another amazing video bro 🔥🔥🔥 can you please subscribe my channel 🙋

    Hakan GunesHakan GunesHace 2 meses
  • I always wanted to live in the Logan Paul house...I feel like I would be so lit😂

    Rebecca RuizRebecca RuizHace 2 meses
  • Pretty sure it’s starlink

    OrangeAstronautOrangeAstronautHace 2 meses
  • Everyone else scared that aliens are gonna take over the world logan im scared about my AANNUUUUSSSSS

    Frame GodFrame GodHace 2 meses
  • Someone knows the song that he put

  • I think 1:30 is just the international space station lmao (yes Ik old video but his content actually got good)

    chris 45chris 45Hace 2 meses
  • What's the name of song in this video

    Anirudh singhAnirudh singhHace 2 meses
  • Pretty sure that's the International Space Station lmao

    Averell ChenAverell ChenHace 2 meses
  • What's the song?? 3:07

    le Villanule VillanuHace 2 meses
  • Can you look for aliens

    Shawn Seneca666Shawn Seneca666Hace 2 meses
  • What is the songs name

    Bilal MuhammedBilal MuhammedHace 2 meses
  • Poor previous Maverick house owner seeing his house got to sh*t

    Noiceboi GAMINGNoiceboi GAMINGHace 2 meses
  • Or it was fake so he didn’t seem like a pussy to back out of the game

  • Puke

    Alex HefnerAlex HefnerHace 2 meses
  • Nerf?

    Gilberto MedinaGilberto MedinaHace 2 meses