Lost A Bet. Pierced My Nipple.

2 mar 2020
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No more L's... besides this one
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • Um am I the only one heard the end right

    Hogan BoydHogan BoydHace 10 horas
  • whats the song used in the intro

    Kabir Raj ThakurKabir Raj ThakurHace 2 días
  • Bro neighbor Susy is the best

    Mikyle PrinceMikyle PrinceHace 3 días
  • Did anyone else see the head in between mike and logan on 3:24

    jonathan oliverjonathan oliverHace 4 días
  • 3:26 Greg’s face between Logan & Mike was fkn hilarious didn’t see it had to rewind to be sure it’s what I saw lmaooo. Creep AF tho but still funny

    Angelo MitchellAngelo MitchellHace 6 días
  • Ly dude❤

    Ansh BarouliyaAnsh BarouliyaHace 8 días
  • Yo Logan you were at Auto Club Speedway

    Nick JimboNick JimboHace 9 días
  • You should have neighbor Susie in more of your vlogs.

    Edward HarringtonEdward HarringtonHace 10 días
  • Why did I expect milk to come out...

    MehriaMehriaHace 11 días
  • Mbdally

    Andrew Humphreys II 777Andrew Humphreys II 777Hace 11 días
  • And box

    Andrew Humphreys II 777Andrew Humphreys II 777Hace 11 días
  • Rocks

    Andrew Humphreys II 777Andrew Humphreys II 777Hace 11 días
  • who's here after jack and scotty are together?

    Alex PaskoAlex PaskoHace 13 días
  • “I wonder how his going to suck her dick in that car” lmao im dyin

    Kill Or Die ClanKill Or Die ClanHace 13 días
  • Does anyone recognize jac? That’s Scotty Sire’s girlfriend

    Saurav SoodeenSaurav SoodeenHace 14 días
  • I’ll buy it

    Ebeth McLaurinEbeth McLaurinHace 16 días
  • Rented not bought

    Michael AnthonyMichael AnthonyHace 17 días
  • why logan got a painted nails

    TnvbTnvbHace 17 días
  • 2:47🤟

    [drippy zxmmy][drippy zxmmy]Hace 18 días
  • that song he played was awesome

    Gaspard NadeauGaspard NadeauHace 24 días
  • Pink Floyd was honestly the last thing I expected to hear in a Logan Paul vlog...

    Mike JohnsonMike JohnsonHace 25 días
  • What song is this

    Adam WellingsAdam WellingsHace un mes
    • No i mean the first song in the beginning and when he goes in the orbiter

      Adam WellingsAdam WellingsHace 25 días
    • Pink Floyd - Wish you were here

      Mike JohnsonMike JohnsonHace 25 días
  • Logan lost the boxing match and on the slide

    Sai KrishnaSai KrishnaHace un mes
  • 0:23

    FUCKIEFUCKIEHace un mes
  • 4:23 Different way around dude 😂

    Lucas MillerLucas MillerHace un mes
  • Hi login

    OwenOwenHace un mes
  • Y los subtítulos en español? 😭

    luis angel partidaluis angel partidaHace un mes
  • damn that hurts

    Alvin Y.Alvin Y.Hace 2 meses
  • Never fuck with physics

    SteevSteevHace 2 meses
  • the fact that he used wutang song is fire

    Raul ChaconRaul ChaconHace 2 meses
  • He is a real Pink Floyd fan... 🥺 and his art is actually meaningful... He really is a good person now... I never thought I would, but I just subscribed to Logan Paul, and notifications are turned on...

    SaStrixSSaStrixSHace 2 meses
  • i wud like to take the panits at 30 mil

    Johnathon HerronJohnathon HerronHace 2 meses
  • Wrong physics..more mass more friction

    Fatin Ishrak ArianFatin Ishrak ArianHace 2 meses
  • 1:54

    fe4r Lessfe4r LessHace 2 meses
  • Did anyone hear what Jeff said at the end of the vlog? I must be hearing things..

    Glitchy AliveGlitchy AliveHace 2 meses
  • I like that Jacket

    LekkerLachenLekkerLachenHace 2 meses
  • Never thought logan paul would use wish you were here as background music kinda cool

    Paolo PenecitosPaolo PenecitosHace 2 meses
  • I died when mike said evan is a cock sucker then evan said just like lana

    Axel ArcovendasAxel ArcovendasHace 2 meses
  • men i speak spanish put subtitles in the video fucking idiot

    Lil PfoXLil PfoXHace 2 meses
  • “I wonder how he’s going to suck her dick in that car” (last clip)

    Alex CookeAlex CookeHace 2 meses
  • He was in my hometown

    Ian StewartIan StewartHace 2 meses
  • 🤣🤣🤣 4:22

    beastd0gbeastd0gHace 2 meses
  • Did Lana do a lot of interracial? I thought she was famous as stepsis...

    PFM KPFM KHace 2 meses
  • I’ll take your entire stock

    Rc AdventuresRc AdventuresHace 2 meses

    Gerome IcbanGerome IcbanHace 2 meses
  • what song of wu tang was that logan you cool evan to

    Ian JanssenIan JanssenHace 2 meses
  • 2:29 wish you were here of pink floyd

    JP Alquicira RangelJP Alquicira RangelHace 2 meses
  • i would love to have the Ass sdrawkcab

    c y a s i ac y a s i aHace 2 meses
  • how would i actually get it though lol

    Rhett VanderHeydenRhett VanderHeydenHace 3 meses
  • Dear stranger who reads this: You're totally incredible and unique. Keep being you, stay happy and have a great day ps look at my name.

    Help a golden egg reach 1k SubsHelp a golden egg reach 1k SubsHace 3 meses
  • The only mistake about his vlogs is they need to be longer

    Lpslover 290Lpslover 290Hace 3 meses
  • logan paul a few years ago---. makes 30 videos about getting a lambo and dosent get it. logan paul now uhhhh yeah so bought a lambo....ok next part👌🏼

    Miles MurrayMiles MurrayHace 3 meses
  • Dónde están mis malditos subtítulos, con suerte sé inglés): F for me, ojalá aprender luego xddd

    Alejandro Campos SantanderAlejandro Campos SantanderHace 3 meses
  • Logan Paul, please subtitle the episodes in portuguese, Brazilian fans thank you. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷✌🏻

    Gustavo BarrosGustavo BarrosHace 3 meses
  • Have anyone noticed greg paul 😂 3:26

    Fayaz RahmanFayaz RahmanHace 3 meses
  • Hello Logan I love to collect fine art and would like to buy both of your pieces for $1,500,000

  • subscribe to angypay 20 on youtube!!!!!!1

    SoFuSoFuHace 3 meses
  • Fantastic videos man 😂😂😂👍👍👍👍❤❤

    The_Unknown_God 23The_Unknown_God 23Hace 3 meses
  • The last one to slide the slide has to peirce their nipple Logan:i never lose 2 seconds later Peircing logans nipple and holding the pain

    Gerome IcbanGerome IcbanHace 3 meses
  • Anyone else see Greg Paul at 3:27

    Jonathan FieldingJonathan FieldingHace 3 meses
  • 4:05

    Devin ArthurDevin ArthurHace 3 meses
  • why thoughh

    fricking gamerfricking gamerHace 3 meses
  • 2:02 for some reason it looks like mike runs just like evan?

    Aiden XavierAiden XavierHace 3 meses
  • That Lambo is on another level of sick

    Jay Chadwick RugbyJay Chadwick RugbyHace 3 meses
  • name of the song? 3:01

    Espinoza Herrera Juan CarlosEspinoza Herrera Juan CarlosHace 3 meses
  • ¿Por que diablos no hay subtítulos en español?, p*to Logan

    ZizekZizekHace 3 meses
  • Massage is not that good of racing go to a dirt track

    King ToxicKing ToxicHace 3 meses
  • Wow I never would've thought that Logan Paul would put an Ol' Dirty Bastard song in one of his vlogs

    JayAiitcHJayAiitcHHace 3 meses
  • Damn, he went to Auto club the same day I went, how TF did I not see him

    HaydenHaydenHace 3 meses
  • Yooooo he’s an artist too?!?!? Lowkey I fucked w the paintings🔥🔥

    luisjana nerhatiluisjana nerhatiHace 4 meses
  • 2:22Im sorry but your f--king face I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jayden _R34Jayden _R34Hace 4 meses
  • 3,577,142th!!!!!!!!!!!

    lil nivallil nivalHace 4 meses
  • anyone else got skate 3 flashbacks bc of the song

    just jarnejust jarneHace 4 meses
  • gotta apreciate the skate 3 music

    Vigo WVigo WHace 4 meses
  • Can you gift me Lana too? Fuck

    MJ AmbayecMJ AmbayecHace 4 meses
  • 0:59 nerd alerrrrrrttt

  • this was on my b-day

    MG - 05HS 802915 Sherwood Mills PSMG - 05HS 802915 Sherwood Mills PSHace 4 meses
  • Logan I think you need a cat scan KSI must have knocked something loose

    brian browderbrian browderHace 4 meses
  • Seriously where’s link to buy this

    Faze DaggerFaze DaggerHace 4 meses
  • You should build a roller coaster 🎢 in your back yard

    Vernon HiltonVernon HiltonHace 4 meses
  • can someone tell me, name of the song at 3:05

    Kanuri ManoharKanuri ManoharHace 4 meses
  • Can we just appreciate how my man said "i wonder how hes gonna suck her dick in that car" does lana have a dick now?

    Lucas QuigleyLucas QuigleyHace 4 meses
  • logan: i never lose ksi:no

    David & OscarDavid & OscarHace 4 meses
  • Who won that race?

    Jackson PotterJackson PotterHace 4 meses
  • Ahhhhhhhh Pink Floyd and Wu Tang Clan. A member from Wu Tang Clan

    Ethan StandleyEthan StandleyHace 4 meses
  • In phub

    purple sculypurple sculyHace 4 meses
  • Is she really though

    purple sculypurple sculyHace 4 meses
  • Who else saw greg paul in between mike and logan at 3:26?

    Ahiezer LopezAhiezer LopezHace 4 meses
  • Done. I like the art btw. And whats jeff said was funny lmao

    John MartJohn MartHace 4 meses
  • I’ll take the art for 1.5 million and a shout-out mostly a shout-out

    Lil A gaming2006Lil A gaming2006Hace 4 meses
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Dan VergaraDan VergaraHace 4 meses
  • 1.2m

    lethabo gaminglethabo gamingHace 4 meses
  • Logan: Those Nascar sure were fast. Me: Like Mike in bed? 😂

    Adam HazizunAdam HazizunHace 4 meses
  • I mean dick fuck you mike

    Nicol BudroviciNicol BudroviciHace 4 meses
  • no one: absolutely no one: Logan's laugh:4:12

    itsdrixyitsdrixyHace 5 meses
  • He’s like David Dobrik v2

    Nikita KatsalovNikita KatsalovHace 5 meses
    • Tazwar Rahman yo watchu tryna act all smart for I said he does vlogs not completely acts like David 🤦‍♂️

      Nikita KatsalovNikita KatsalovHace 4 meses
    • lmao not at all. logan's vlogs give off a much different vibe than david's. imo david's vlogs give off a very fake high energy vibe but logan's vlogs give off a more realistic vibe. also in david's vlogs everyone fake laughs like 24/7 it's so annoying but here they dont so dont compare them lol

      Tazwar RahmanTazwar RahmanHace 5 meses
  • The Pink Floyd 😂😂😂😂

    bubblegumpiesbubblegumpiesHace 5 meses
  • Oh damn...this man got me with the Pink Floyd in between...I'm a fan now. 'Wish you were here'

    BoxingNewsCenterBoxingNewsCenterHace 5 meses
  • Back to good ol’ fun with these guys!

    SOUTHEAST_907SOUTHEAST_907Hace 5 meses
  • Loved the inclusion of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd 😂😂😂

    W.T.W.T.Hace 5 meses