i lost

17 nov 2019
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  • 9:19 the 2 points was the right call

    Jacob OliverJacob OliverHace 3 horas
  • Sorry man love you bro

    Typical WrenchTypical WrenchHace 8 horas
  • You can't box your shit at it

    jakepaul sucksjakepaul sucksHace 11 horas
  • "My brain is not damged" Debateable but go on

    Rehansh JainRehansh JainHace 12 horas
  • I don't care u are still my favourite u tuber

    Smita JollySmita JollyHace 22 horas
  • The biggest L this century

    Its HajarIts HajarHace un día
  • mean while making a vid saying i will win

    Tray ParksTray ParksHace un día
  • what 11×11😂

    Teddy KorossTeddy KorossHace un día
  • But u lost

    Tim LauTim LauHace un día
  • 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    Default gangDefault gangHace 2 días
  • He said that he has no fans that think that he lost 2 point while he get 177k dislike

    Josue PenateJosue PenateHace 2 días
  • Wait wasn't jj mouth bleeding????

    Vajra SapkalVajra SapkalHace 2 días
  • Haha shame fuck you

    AryacAryacHace 2 días
  • 5:30

    PolusPolusHace 2 días
  • What girl did Mike lose to David Dobrik?

    arivara02arivara02Hace 3 días
  • Uuh ugly u are always a loser

    ProhimaProhimaHace 3 días
  • Here you welcome L

    Michael GiokaMichael GiokaHace 3 días
  • Logan lost bruh

  • Ahahah u suck!!

    Reef BreakellReef BreakellHace 3 días
  • Cool

  • I lost again*

    x berkemeierx berkemeierHace 3 días
  • At least logan paul is still good

    Fitzgerald DengFitzgerald DengHace 3 días
  • JJ won loser.

    Riley GroennouRiley GroennouHace 4 días
  • Ksi Won easy fair and square. YEAH CHAMP you fucking lost. Nobody watches your clickbait videos anymore. Ksi the 🐐

    Trxcks On YTTrxcks On YTHace 4 días
  • KSI!!!!!!!! Lololololololololololololol KSI!!!!!

    Crafty MouseCrafty MouseHace 4 días
    • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      Crafty MouseCrafty MouseHace 4 días
  • Sucks to suck I guess?

    Parfum Extrait FanParfum Extrait FanHace 5 días
  • He still lost after foul play 🤣

    Techno _Techno _Hace 5 días
  • He’s the people’s champion

    Jacob BertlingJacob BertlingHace 5 días
  • WallMaarttt

    Stupid MangoStupid MangoHace 5 días
  • Ur a sore loser tbf

    Michael Gilgunn2007Michael Gilgunn2007Hace 6 días

    BirdieGaming CrenshawBirdieGaming CrenshawHace 6 días
  • “I sneezed 3 times” Edit: just had to say it

    Wrestling vids and SegmentsWrestling vids and SegmentsHace 6 días
  • Was definitely not expecting that

    Sumaijah HendriksSumaijah HendriksHace 6 días
  • dayum logan was hugeeeee. a year later he lost alot of muscle :/

    Ashur YousifAshur YousifHace 6 días
  • chillstep

    daniel rodgersdaniel rodgersHace 7 días
  • Two points was the right call

    HaseyFNHaseyFNHace 7 días
  • Bro Evan got served on the short and sweet part lmaoo

    Weekend KingsWeekend KingsHace 7 días
  • People in the comment session be like I don't like Logan.......... Wtf? Like who asked you to comment?? What brought you here anyways?

    Precious KimPrecious KimHace 7 días
  • Dogged on

    ExcaliburExcaliburHace 8 días
  • Logan sorry you lost i love you but ksi jj I love ksi more

    Ali AlomarAli AlomarHace 8 días
  • Bitch shut up u did not win u got a big ass ass whooping and u deserved it

    Telisa SolankiTelisa SolankiHace 8 días
    • @Victor Cruz yea what u gonna do about it prick

      Telisa SolankiTelisa SolankiHace 2 días
    • Jesus Christ you can tell this kid is triggered lol.

      Victor CruzVictor CruzHace 8 días
  • Its a set up

    Adrian Michael PalatinoAdrian Michael PalatinoHace 8 días
  • You sneezed because he punched that damn nose 😂

    kyir mccoykyir mccoyHace 8 días
  • I'm British and Logan 100% won both fights

    christoph !!christoph !!Hace 8 días
  • ly dude❤

    Ansh BarouliyaAnsh BarouliyaHace 8 días
  • logan won that fight.

    Odette PopkoOdette PopkoHace 8 días
  • Loser

    Taha IbrahimTaha IbrahimHace 9 días
    • Lol your the loser in his comments lol.

      Victor CruzVictor CruzHace 8 días
  • Wow those roasts were bad

    The sketchy missions of D&GThe sketchy missions of D&GHace 9 días
  • champion

    Ahmad MasoodAhmad MasoodHace 9 días
  • Loser

  • Who is Mike's ex?

    Aeron MathewAeron MathewHace 9 días
  • Glad ksi won

    Graffitik1ng 6561Graffitik1ng 6561Hace 9 días
  • Imo the 2 points were warranted because the rules are clear. Even in the heat of the moment, it's about self discipline. It's a potentially dangerous strike 🤷‍♂️

    Ancle DoidoiAncle DoidoiHace 9 días
  • Yes you did fucker

    Davis LoppDavis LoppHace 10 días
  • Ksi 💝

    long longlong longHace 10 días
  • Sure your a “professional boxer”

    BChinHeadBChinHeadHace 10 días
    • He’ll beat your ass like he beat ksi and I’m not even a Logan fan I like ksi

      Anthony AndrianoAnthony AndrianoHace 2 días
  • What a pathetic loser after getting his s kicked still no shame on this dude face. L for loser Paul!!

    Mystic BowMystic BowHace 10 días
    • @Mystic Bow I'm pretty sure who the kid is in this situation. And it's not me.

      Victor CruzVictor CruzHace 7 días
    • @Victor Cruz Take road kid I'm in no mood to smack buttock, Muffins top.

      Mystic BowMystic BowHace 7 días
    • Jesus this was months ago. He is a loser against ksi but not at life. As a matter of fact get a life.

      Victor CruzVictor CruzHace 9 días
  • Guys I see lots of dislikes and hate in the comments, stop. He sneezed three times ok!

    FiziSugarFiziSugarHace 10 días
  • for those that say, "logan won for me'', shut up. JJ had a knockdown that didn't count. Logan lost but fought hard. It doesn't matter if you are salty

    Mo TwinsMo TwinsHace 10 días
  • Ok

    Vishal MuralidaranVishal MuralidaranHace 10 días
  • Loser its mean loser Very simple ☻

    THe UnforgivenTHe UnforgivenHace 10 días
  • Logan = Human Vs KSI = BEAST !

    Jackie UwUJackie UwUHace 10 días
  • Fuck ksi

    Shannon MowbrayShannon MowbrayHace 11 días
    • Ksi won and will win again shitty jake Paul and would also beat there pedo dad🤡🤡🤡

      Jonathan JuarezJonathan JuarezHace 10 días
  • What a fu**en loser

    Gabriel MaderoGabriel MaderoHace 11 días
  • good

    XD SypherXD SypherHace 11 días
  • Logan deserved to win for sure he let out a beast a god he should of won but the two points he got lucky so ksi was lucky so don’t act tough ksi and I get u Logan I would of done that if I was angry to Logan trained harder then ksi he got bigger he let out the beast if I was angry I would of hit him in the back of the head to

    Son Goku NANISon Goku NANIHace 11 días
    • Jonathan Juarez shut the fuck up clown jake is training and sparing what is jj doing he’s making videos

      Son Goku NANISon Goku NANIHace 10 días
    • Ksi won and will win again shitty jake Paul and would also beat there pedo dad🤡🤡🤡

      Jonathan JuarezJonathan JuarezHace 10 días
  • .-.XD me importa?

    AXxtor ._.AXxtor ._.Hace 11 días
  • Well mike tyson beats a 50+ boxers So dont talk sht about him or you wanna get beat up and that was the time was up

    Mr. SyaffwanMr. SyaffwanHace 11 días
  • L

    ツKieツKieHace 11 días
  • Lol

    Kim Kardashi-unKim Kardashi-unHace 11 días
  • Rocky would beat both of them

    Joey MigliaccioJoey MigliaccioHace 11 días
  • Shouldn’t talk crap when u get sat down but respect for u man

    LinkySaffyLinkySaffyHace 12 días
  • Really should have won

    dante lucariusdante lucariusHace 12 días
    • Ksi won and will win again shitty jake Paul and would also beat there pedo dad🤡🤡🤡

      Jonathan JuarezJonathan JuarezHace 10 días
  • Haha logan I hate logan and jake well done ksi your a strong man

    skelly proskelly proHace 12 días
  • This fight would’ve been more entertaining if Logan threw a punch

    MmmhmmMmmhmmHace 12 días
  • Ksi K stands for king Logan L stands for loser

    草{Free Music} mobile music creator草{Free Music} mobile music creatorHace 12 días
  • did you come here finding his video reacting to the fight (he deleted it)

    Arkum DarArkum DarHace 13 días
  • KSI punching like a maniac Logan just holding on to his legs to not lose

    FroggyFroggyHace 13 días
  • I saw this vid say I lost and then another vid saying I won

    Demon KidDemon KidHace 13 días
  • Bro u got beat up bruh u had to be nice not toxic what a boxer dam

    Twiss GamingTwiss GamingHace 13 días
  • 1 year later you still a bitch

    MonstaX 54MonstaX 54Hace 13 días
    • agreed

      Marcitos TacitosMarcitos TacitosHace 13 días
  • Logan won bro ksi lost

    Naruto UzamakiNaruto UzamakiHace 14 días
    • Ksi won and will win again shitty jake Paul and would also beat there pedo dad🤡🤡🤡

      Jonathan JuarezJonathan JuarezHace 10 días
    • Really? Looks like ksi won hmm

      [LoK] Septic[LoK] SepticHace 11 días

    ismael bäckströmismael bäckströmHace 14 días
  • ew

    •-••-•Hace 14 días
  • L gaining paul

    Ashutosh DubeyAshutosh DubeyHace 14 días
  • yo you punched him on the back of his head twice when he was down the reffs decision was right bro

    james makongejames makongeHace 14 días
    • @Lusayon ghanta bc

      Sanjay AroraSanjay AroraHace 4 horas
    • But he should got warnnied

      LusayonLusayonHace un día
  • Yeeey logan lost very epicc KSI gucci

    Sad gamer 2020Sad gamer 2020Hace 14 días
  • The reason u lost is bc u don't want to win. U just didn't try😁 when u hit someone hard and they get shook, u just charge at them! Just like ur brother JAKE PAUL.

    Daris Gluhavičanin-VIPDaris Gluhavičanin-VIPHace 15 días
    • Ksi won and will win again shitty jake Paul and would also beat there pedo dad🤡🤡🤡

      Jonathan JuarezJonathan JuarezHace 10 días
  • 7:22 Me: gets a victory royal This game is solo trash OMFG me also:loses every game I'm the best player there is lmao Ik it's a bad joke,just had to get it out there

    VIVID_EVIL !VIVID_EVIL !Hace 15 días
  • All I'm saying is that KSI and Cory X Kenshin need to have a fight

    Anthony MaagAnthony MaagHace 15 días
    • What why?

      Luis InShadowzLuis InShadowzHace 13 días
  • He still lost the first three rounds for two judges and lost the sixth for two judges

    jrudplays _jrudplays _Hace 15 días
  • GO KSI

    Default is DeanfaultDefault is DeanfaultHace 15 días
  • KSI was fucked up at the end of a fight mean while Logan the worst a nruise

    Osvaldo RodriguezOsvaldo RodriguezHace 16 días
    • Ksi still won tho

      CamCamHace 14 días
  • Your brain might be damaged because you think you didn’t lose

    Diby smashearagodDiby smashearagodHace 16 días
    • We know he got holes in his brain

      ItzSaltyzItzSaltyzHace 11 días
  • Take an L

    Oscar CairnsOscar CairnsHace 16 días
  • And why this video have 100K dislikes why aa people are dumb

    matej 283matej 283Hace 16 días
  • Ok, ok, ok. Realistically is should be three points deducted 1 for head locking him and uppercutting him which is illegal, 2 for hitting him in the back of head while falling to the ground and 3 hitting in the head again when he was fully down. There Logan

    J4ckz0nJ4ckz0nHace 16 días
  • how is he not verified

    Everyone DiesEveryone DiesHace 16 días
  • Dont worry Logan, your loss is not as bad as the loss Jake is gonna get

    Aldo SiAldo SiHace 16 días
    • @Tylor Barnett yeah jake really is a moron

      Marcitos TacitosMarcitos TacitosHace 13 días
  • Ez claps boys fuck logan

    Mr. HerbertMr. HerbertHace 17 días