I Survived a 72-Hour Military Combat School

20 ene 2020
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We traveled to Virginia to get our asses handed to us by former members of Seal Team Six, the Military, and Law Enforcement.
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • Drunk

    Brad McCormickBrad McCormickHace 11 horas
  • This is where logan regrets his decisions

    Corbin FernandezCorbin FernandezHace 15 horas
  • I’m a kid so i am staying sober like I have for 12 years

    Bryson FlaxBryson FlaxHace un día
  • I wonder if Jake can do it

    Tiny SaizTiny SaizHace un día
  • I'm joining the Marines now.

    REAl REActionREAl REActionHace 2 días
  • More.

    WEST AWEST AHace 2 días
  • Just please..... don’t film the bodies

    Travy PattyTravy PattyHace 2 días
  • Logan looks like an operator. Operator logan

    marknessgamingmarknessgamingHace 3 días
  • Logan pls if you see this i just want to say i wish i could meet you and that i love you from the bottom of my heart and say hello to wvwryone

    MEGA savage BGMEGA savage BGHace 3 días
  • Looks hard

    40 Subscriber Challenge With No Videos40 Subscriber Challenge With No VideosHace 3 días
  • Bro I am 12 I have been sober for 12 years, try me bro Logan: ARE YOU GOOD BRO

    The legit ProductionsThe legit ProductionsHace 3 días
  • i think that the snipe he did was fake bcoz.....snipers dont keep their one eye closed while sniping bcoz they need to be aware of their surrounding

    fenom beatzfenom beatzHace 3 días
  • heh....Americans

    Robert porterRobert porterHace 4 días
  • F**CK he acts sounds and looks like a fu*king moron

    Anthony GoddardAnthony GoddardHace 4 días
  • Influenza... Logan is an American hero

    BRIANBRIANHace 4 días
  • 2020 fricking sucks

    Dalton BrinkmanDalton BrinkmanHace 4 días
  • how old are you you look like you are 45

    Logan ZiemerLogan ZiemerHace 4 días
  • I am guessing jake was the best of this because he had a lot of guns at his house

    70ping on linear70ping on linearHace 4 días
  • Your bascilly patty mayo hut a military version

    Faze ArdaFaze ArdaHace 4 días
  • Why are you drinking alcohol you know that’s a Lego what are you doing that why

    Azoz AzAzoz AzHace 4 días
  • him: wana be sober with us threw 2020 me: im 14 soooo i gues that will work lol

    Piggy Pi99yPiggy Pi99yHace 5 días
  • I'm 17 so I'm not allowed to drink lmao

    XIAO MobileXIAO MobileHace 5 días
  • I'm here for the guns!!! and Logannnn!!!!!!!!!

    Ujaala _ KhatriUjaala _ KhatriHace 5 días
  • 8:32 what Durte dom from David dobrik joined the navy seals Follow sadtimehoursss on ig

    Drake JoshDrake JoshHace 5 días
  • This will help u in CORONA Virus

    Abood RS7Abood RS7Hace 5 días
  • POV: Your watching in 2020 and he said it was going to be a good year

    IcyLukeyCharm sIcyLukeyCharm sHace 6 días
  • dersret


    V3QV3QHace 6 días
  • WOW!!!!! Logan does not have his mop.

    Thomas BryantThomas BryantHace 6 días
  • He a damn good looking man in this 🥰😍😜😅☮️❤️

    Kayshayla Ace 4 lifeKayshayla Ace 4 lifeHace 6 días
  • fuck 2020

    Mohamed AlmidfaMohamed AlmidfaHace 6 días
  • bruh this makes me wanna play call of duty 😂😂

    rocksmasher84 dans pugsrocksmasher84 dans pugsHace 6 días
  • So true

    Nolan KuntzNolan KuntzHace 7 días
  • This would be the best kids play structure

    Kamden MilesKamden MilesHace 7 días
  • In an american war scenario, I know where I’m going.

    J.C. PugaJ.C. PugaHace 7 días
  • 02:07 Logan officialy the first person having corona

    Pierre KaltPierre KaltHace 7 días
  • Is it weird my name is Logan and I got influenza at the start of the year to

    Rockets WorldRockets WorldHace 7 días
  • The instructors just looking at him at the end: there goes a potential force of nature - back to ESworld videos and entertainment and soy milk 😂😞

    The ArchitectThe ArchitectHace 7 días
    • I think you misread that; they were impressed.

      FathomFathomHace 6 días
  • the video has 333,334 likes im officially killing myself

    Swift The GSwift The GHace 7 días
  • In another life Logan was a bad ass navy seal

    James AndersonJames AndersonHace 8 días
  • Logan: Thinks its a joke 1 minute later regrets everything

    NSC RangerNSC RangerHace 8 días
  • 2020 uh

    Young EricYoung EricHace 8 días
  • i knew i should have warmed up he also knew not to sneez three times

    223 claps223 clapsHace 8 días
  • Bro me watching this in 2020 saying f 2020

    Dylan MendozaDylan MendozaHace 8 días
  • logan- "2020 is gonna be a big year for us" corona- " oh yes it is"

    Fahad ZangeerFahad ZangeerHace 8 días

    lets go brolets go broHace 8 días
  • Beer is not the good thing for this Logan

    Bluster Iki0Bluster Iki0Hace 8 días
  • 72 hours. You mom must be proud. You took a class in advance call of duty.

    W A568W A568Hace 8 días
  • i wanna try this but im only 13

    Bristol McIntyreBristol McIntyreHace 9 días
  • 9:03 “the man don’t miss” idk why that made a laugh 😂

    Fade StreamerFade StreamerHace 9 días
  • Logan has changed and I like him now

    Nightfall_234Nightfall_234Hace 9 días
  • When Logan says 2020 is going to be a great year. 8 months later 😷

    Godzilla GangGodzilla GangHace 9 días
  • The instructers ssound like their straight out of call of duty.

    E-KenE-KenHace 9 días
    • They are navy seals and drill sergeants in the US military. Get it right they put their lives on the line for us.

      Jack RottJack RottHace 7 días
  • rip 2020

  • Who else is watching this in 2020 and just wants to get drunk bc this year is so shit

    Michele RamonMichele RamonHace 10 días
  • The get a tourniquet part was hilarious

    Dave KigerDave KigerHace 10 días
  • Seeing Logan get so grossed out over 1 MRE is hilarious. Iv eaten dozens of them and Iv loved them all. Yummy 😋

    JuicySkydiver3JuicySkydiver3Hace 10 días
  • You should of shot mikes foot for the boxing joke

    Wesley JanickWesley JanickHace 10 días
  • Hove hove???

    Kristjan GudbjartssonKristjan GudbjartssonHace 10 días
  • 2020 will be so good that is what logan said

    Umer KUmer KHace 10 días
  • then covid is here

    Ace GJAce GJHace 10 días
  • This is how American Logan Paul is

    Izzhan Rifqy Khairul AffendyIzzhan Rifqy Khairul AffendyHace 10 días
  • It's all mental, it's the same reason he lost to ksi

    Amer HSTAmer HSTHace 11 días
  • If I could time travel!!! Just if I could tell him the truth!

    KnightcorePrimeKnightcorePrimeHace 11 días
  • Logan paul: 2020 is the best year I can feel it Me: you sure ab that?

    BigBrainOmiiBigBrainOmiiHace 11 días
  • Logan: 2020 is going to be a big year for us Also Logan: yes I know I’ve spent $300k on Pokémon

    • Xd

      Lucas GazulaLucas GazulaHace 8 días
  • I've been watching you for so long you doing a lot of cool stuff it's sick but one thing I really want to do see you

    Taylor woodsTaylor woodsHace 11 días
  • Damn i want this

    Mark ListanaMark ListanaHace 12 días
  • Didn't these guys try to own Kaitlin Bennett? I mean when they fact checked everything she said they realized she knew her shit.......kind of hypocritical for them to go after her for owning guns only to do this.

    just be happyjust be happyHace 12 días
  • 2020 sucks brother

    thanosgodofpurp_ _lolxDjailbreakthanosgodofpurp_ _lolxDjailbreakHace 12 días
  • Logan how is you’re drinking sober in 2020

    ElidElidHace 12 días
  • When you reach like 1000 videos you should join the army!

    Teddystrix GamingTeddystrix GamingHace 12 días
  • Dude you look like the american sniper (BTW Does the king reply? 👑)

    Teddystrix GamingTeddystrix GamingHace 12 días
  • LOGAN got bullied this is funny because i understand how serious this all is

    YoBoiAVE TVYoBoiAVE TVHace 13 días
  • Guys ima g go to 2024 byeee

    sasuri akasunosasuri akasunoHace 13 días
  • 2020 is crap

    Fabian GamezFabian GamezHace 13 días
  • The military is the best thing for these types of people. Yes. I mean Logan Paul! Dude needs the structure. Dude needs the pressure. And definitely needs the humility!

    Hope BullardHope BullardHace 13 días
  • Yo i just watched this back and thought, what if the "flu" that Logan had was COVID?

    Dean WilsonDean WilsonHace 13 días
  • Look I’m not trying to hate or anything but you do realize that most soldiers go through this and worst for an entire year. U feel proud of 2 days.🤣🤣🤣

    Anime IntrosAnime IntrosHace 13 días
  • People who watch the beginning into in 2020 be like 😢

    Brendan KimBrendan KimHace 13 días
  • Logan choose the right year to go sober.

    Robin SteelbergRobin SteelbergHace 13 días
  • Yo Logan if that is a pork sausage MRE that shit is like the best one

    Cameron AldousCameron AldousHace 14 días
  • This mane loves his hat lol

    Bekim AdemiBekim AdemiHace 14 días
  • Ksi could never

    Nicolas FairclothNicolas FairclothHace 14 días
  • I’ve been sober for 14 years I’m 14 years old

    Kookid10 8Kookid10 8Hace 14 días
  • 2020 is not what u thought it was

    Brady KeenBrady KeenHace 14 días
  • If Logan were in the military he would be special operations, dude pushes everything to the limit, this was just a silly video but he really is a beast in this game of life.

    JBMcCJBMcCHace 14 días
  • No you didn't i went through basic training for the marines and thats not how it works

    Brad BrownBrad BrownHace 15 días
  • You should do this again but with your brother Jake

    Glizzy JayGlizzy JayHace 15 días
  • Me looking at this makes me sad for Logan pula cuz I already knew how to shoot at and do those training courses

    Sully PriceSully PriceHace 15 días
  • Sidemen need to do this

    RyanclapzkidzRyanclapzkidzHace 15 días
  • Mike roasted Logan so hard lmao. "You're a Professional Loser"

    theIntellecttheIntellectHace 16 días
  • Dude shoots 4 rounds and thinks he's a pro shooter

    ostrich cjvcnostrich cjvcnHace 16 días
  • .......later in the year of 2020....guess how it went

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  • Ye 2020 was good right

    ALL IN AbedALL IN AbedHace 16 días
  • I am a 11

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  • Who's watching this in 2020

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  • Well done bro you done great all of you

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  • hey logan its your favourite word cTITc

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  • logan finna go bravo six goin dark

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