20 may 2020
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Three years later...

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  • 4:44 that’s sad lol

    rockin itrockin itHace un día
  • Ly dude ❤

    Ansh BarouliyaAnsh BarouliyaHace 3 días
  • I just realized Logan has more subs than KSI channel

    Beast ModeBeast ModeHace 8 días
  • Love it how he cures his clout blindness and then just plugs his merch

  • Logan

    Shantanu WankhadeShantanu WankhadeHace 12 días
  • For some reason Jake is only good in Logan’s vlogs

    ryry fliesryry fliesHace 15 días
  • B

    CMasterCMasterHace 16 días
  • You suck

    David TotzkeDavid TotzkeHace 17 días
  • 3:28 there’s nothin there brother

    CarterCarterHace 17 días
  • Fuck off

    Eggswung 69Eggswung 69Hace 18 días
  • What a fake reaction

    Cristian LucasCristian LucasHace 18 días
  • Fucking sick of this clown

    Zeyad alharthyZeyad alharthyHace 24 días
  • I took the test and I’m deuton

    MrdocetyMrdocetyHace un mes
  • 4:39 that is obviously acting and its makeing me cringe

    Evergreen Pictures filmsEvergreen Pictures filmsHace un mes
  • hahahaha sooooo fake

    Legacy InfinityLegacy InfinityHace un mes
  • This is so fake

    The Channel for You and MeThe Channel for You and MeHace un mes
  • He’s not colorblind bro

    Junior JuniorJunior JuniorHace un mes
  • مين عربي لايك

    Yassmen NabeelYassmen NabeelHace un mes
  • Bruh he is still an asshole.

    Burek_s_mesomBurek_s_mesomHace un mes
  • Didn’t u already make this video

    Savage ShawnSavage ShawnHace un mes

    ICEAYY ?ICEAYY ?Hace un mes
  • He is a piece of turd

    Sean HaganSean HaganHace un mes

    Katie SmithKatie SmithHace un mes
  • Colour blindness is a diseases called iodopsin which are pigment in cones which are in retina the inner layer of eyes each type of cones recognizes one of the three primary colours i.e. blue,green,red if any type of cones is not working you won't be able to distinguish between colours and also this diseases are a genetic problem which mean someone in your family must have too

    masood tareenmasood tareenHace un mes
  • If everything is grayscale then how you drivin

    Magic s StrikerMagic s StrikerHace un mes
  • If you watch these 2 your a fucking idiot

    Daryl DixonDaryl DixonHace un mes
    • @SCP: Site 47 The first and last because one of my favourite youtubers did a real video with the same thumbnail and i heard about this one. Logans a fucking idiot.

      Daryl DixonDaryl DixonHace un mes
    • Shut it bitch. Your watching this.

      SCP: Site 47 The first and lastSCP: Site 47 The first and lastHace un mes
  • *You are such a fucking idiot @Logan*

    BlizzpointBlizzpointHace un mes
  • Ugly fuck

    DylanLee SkullDylanLee SkullHace un mes
  • wow i can't believe he stole GeorgeNotFound's thumbnail

    ladlevi • 8 years agoladlevi • 8 years agoHace un mes
    • @N0t Cameron yeah, you seem to notice it

      Josie JojoJosie JojoHace 2 días
    • @Josie Jojo I know... it’s s joke, cuz it’s obvious

      N0t CameronN0t CameronHace 2 días
    • @N0t Cameron Please read Horizonshot's comment on this reply section

      Josie JojoJosie JojoHace 2 días
    • Bro. George stole his thumbnail, he used this thumbnail 3 years ago

      N0t CameronN0t CameronHace 3 días
    • Your name got me

      Alex belandAlex belandHace 5 días
  • I am colorblindness Wears glasses for video Never wears them again

    Fabio BulacuFabio BulacuHace un mes
  • Bro ur not colorblind, your only doing it for clout

    Jaycelyn227Jaycelyn227Hace un mes
  • May 22nd is my birthday 🎂

    Jesse jr moralesJesse jr moralesHace un mes
  • Hey BTW i am colourblind too!!

  • FAKE

    Trombone NinjaTrombone NinjaHace un mes
  • This is too fake he has 3 colorblindnesses which would conflict

    Nate OnlineNate OnlineHace un mes
  • Who remembers the original one

    Anonymous ?Anonymous ?Hace 2 meses
  • Let’s be honest Evan carries this channel

    The MusketeerThe MusketeerHace 2 meses
  • Yo Evan With the Catoctin Football

    Above Average SendsAbove Average SendsHace 2 meses
  • 0:13 wanna go off that red jump

    itsjust Bastianitsjust BastianHace 2 meses
  • Did I seriously just click on a video of GROWN MEN playing with a condom ??? 🙄

    Natasha LetourneauNatasha LetourneauHace 2 meses
  • هذي صفحته او فانز

    fatma hamadfatma hamadHace 2 meses
  • Like Logan but hate jake

    O BO BHace 2 meses
  • Cringe Af

    kaypeekaypeeHace 2 meses
  • Lame... what a dork.

    FoxFoxHace 2 meses
  • You and jake are still fucking stupid

    DavidTheWeeb 420DavidTheWeeb 420Hace 2 meses
  • Oh I think I forgot about that

    Raihan BapsRaihan BapsHace 2 meses
  • THIS AGAIN ?!?!

    Raihan BapsRaihan BapsHace 2 meses
  • 3:03 funiesst thing 9n the world

    ORC ZlazanORC ZlazanHace 2 meses
  • So fake

    Diet Assjack !Diet Assjack !Hace 2 meses
  • Can you make longer vlogs please

    Julie VisserJulie VisserHace 2 meses
  • Logan caring about if the guy was alright after the jump even though Logon obviously caught him and Logan was that guys crash pad he still was like “Are you okay?”

    Marisol CruzMarisol CruzHace 2 meses
  • Stupidity at its best

    Ari JMAri JMHace 2 meses
  • Bruh he already got called out

    Pingu_Rocks TotallyPingu_Rocks TotallyHace 2 meses
  • Ducking halarious

    Valerie LericheValerie LericheHace 2 meses
  • I’m the same type of colorblind and showing us through those glasses I feel crazy asf

    Jake CorinoJake CorinoHace 2 meses
  • I like how he acknowledged this

    Salamat Po!Salamat Po!Hace 2 meses
  • Wait you are colorblind?

    Hasler PhilippHasler PhilippHace 2 meses
  • Stop lying about being color blind

    Only DarkOnly DarkHace 2 meses
  • tf I actually couldn't see the numbers as well

    VillyaVillyaHace 2 meses
  • Imagine believing he's colorblind

    DestructoDestructoHace 2 meses
  • Does anyone know the name of the music that starts at 4:09?

    D CD CHace 2 meses
  • Isnt this an idubbbz/h3h3 video

    Super Leekeg Shoon Dino VevoSuper Leekeg Shoon Dino VevoHace 2 meses
  • This is so fake do you know how many times you talk about colours you see on your videos

    AgenT_BadboyAgenT_BadboyHace 2 meses
  • Petition for logan paul to quit youtube

    jmon100 45jmon100 45Hace 2 meses
  • ...

    ExstaticExstaticHace 2 meses
  • 3:28 I'm not even color blind and I can't see anything

    Ely ParrEly ParrHace 2 meses
  • I love you logan

    Jolie CrowJolie CrowHace 2 meses
  • Mark was here

    V DotaV DotaHace 2 meses
  • Red green color blind ya right one of the first things he says is one of those red jumps 0:11

    Pure OGKush420Pure OGKush420Hace 2 meses
  • Do you have deuteranopia? Not an insult

    Stewart RogersStewart RogersHace 2 meses
  • 🤥🥱

    ツV01DツV01DHace 2 meses
  • *Me haven't seen their videos in months* Me: who's John?

    Alexiah SPicciurroAlexiah SPicciurroHace 2 meses
  • Logan: never weares it

    Mukul VenugopalMukul VenugopalHace 2 meses
  • Can anyone tell me the song he uses at 4:10?

    Gothicc GirlGothicc GirlHace 2 meses
  • I swear Jakes yes man is so fucking annoying

    Артур ПогосянАртур ПогосянHace 2 meses
  • this video was actually funny wtf goin on

    MonstMonstHace 3 meses
  • “3 years have gone by since I did the color blind video. I’m wondering if I’m still colorblind.”

    Caterpillarwithsubscribers?Caterpillarwithsubscribers?Hace 3 meses
  • Total BS!

    Frankie JFrankie JHace 3 meses
  • I think I've seen this before, nah maybe just déjà vu.

    Justin jyJustin jyHace 3 meses
  • Is he even trying anymore?

    RGSX Gamer69RGSX Gamer69Hace 3 meses
  • Clickbait

    hansel ortizhansel ortizHace 3 meses
  • Ah shıt, here we go again.

    Tom STom SHace 3 meses
  • Jeff is so annoying please get rid


    Gogh GhoghGogh GhoghHace 3 meses
  • 2:57 Two grown men filling a condom and saying this

    Xx 3my xXXx 3my xXHace 3 meses
  • Everyone here should check out Pi crypto, if you don't already have it use my code: BossNut I started in october 2019 so I have the fastest rates

    Shane ScottShane ScottHace 3 meses
  • I have green and red color blindness.

    OTTYOTTYHace 3 meses
  • I thought ur like green and red colour blind

    LiveLeaderLiveLeaderHace 3 meses
  • Love you too logan ;)

    Christin PettyChristin PettyHace 3 meses
  • Thanks

    ReillyReillyHace 3 meses
  • 4:10 why did it look like a video game when Logan closed the door?

    wert wertwert wertHace 3 meses
  • This kid down the road had a strange reaction after putting on the glasses. He said, “What happened to my purple & brown legos?”

    Mr. RamjanglesMr. RamjanglesHace 3 meses
  • Bro he’s got the same colour of colourblindness as me 😀

    Number_5 ReRunNumber_5 ReRunHace 3 meses
  • Oh great another ESworldr pretending to be colorblind to get views and now it’s the biggest mistake on ESworld!

    Lemon_NadeLemon_NadeHace 3 meses
    • This video is meant to make fun of the other colorblind video from 3 years ago. He uses very similar thumbnails, highly over exaggerates the vision differences between "Logans vision" and "desired vision", and then proceeds to "tear up" and follow it up with a laugh right after indicating a joke has been made. Lastly, Logan actually is colorblind.

      TTP-CMTTP-CMHace 3 meses
  • Logan’s not wearing his colour blind glasses ...AGAIN

    Somebody Yet nobodySomebody Yet nobodyHace 3 meses
  • Good

    Juan David Jiménez CarpioJuan David Jiménez CarpioHace 3 meses
  • Fue una mentira embellecida. jajajaja

    Rodrigo DiezRodrigo DiezHace 3 meses
  • Danny Duncan does that on the daily, they make this one jump like half the video

    Tecca NinaTecca NinaHace 3 meses
  • he literally made a video about this a couple of years ago, this isn’t the first time with these glasses lol

    Lila RLila RHace 3 meses
  • if my twin saw this he would cry

    Tiana CastroTiana CastroHace 3 meses