The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done

26 jun 2020
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Wtf was I thinking
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • For like a second i thought you really kicked it at your mom😂😂

    AyumayuuAyumayuuHace 13 horas
  • omg that scared me toooo OmG i got a heart attack

    The dominater 180 EstradaThe dominater 180 EstradaHace 15 horas
  • That is what they do I know I'm a girl

    David MooreDavid MooreHace 2 días
  • 3:42 I chocked on my cookie when u fucking drop kicked that ball at your mom who actually was manican

    Fradwos MinayarFradwos MinayarHace 2 días
  • 3:38 IWAS litteerrly scaredd

    Beza Amanu NadewBeza Amanu NadewHace 3 días
  • Jake is almost likeable on Logan’s channel but on his own, well. I mean ya know. It’s kinda like he saw Logan grow his beard and how he started gaining respect and thought “huh. I could do that”

    Ben BoudreaxBen BoudreaxHace 3 días
  • my cousin can do 130

    Shane ColeShane ColeHace 3 días
  • scared the shit out of me

    Suraj KumarSuraj KumarHace 3 días
  • i just visted hell when you kicked the ball

    Suraj KumarSuraj KumarHace 3 días
  • how did logan kick the ball so starit

    Cristalee BeltranCristalee BeltranHace 4 días
  • His mom is weird iwl

    JackJackHace 4 días
  • 3:38 actually scared me

    super raarsuper raarHace 4 días
  • That’s among us

    Izaiah Bryn GomezIzaiah Bryn GomezHace 5 días
  • 14 mph pace not 11mph

    NullyFuego_-NullyFuego_-Hace 6 días
  • I actually thought that was the real her lmao

    Yumes dreamYumes dreamHace 7 días
  • It scared the shit out of me when he kicked the ball to the mannequin

    destroyer 10ckdestroyer 10ckHace 8 días
  • When he kicked the ball I thought he actually hit his mom hard😂😂😂

    Pokemon MasterPokemon MasterHace 9 días

    Lilo SznLilo SznHace 9 días
  • Mike Cica Path

    David GonzalezDavid GonzalezHace 10 días
  • When he kick the basketball to the face I got so scared 🤣

    Scott RomoScott RomoHace 10 días
  • I thought this man actually did a wroetoshaw

    Puzlx- AUPuzlx- AUHace 11 días
  • 3 41 you got me Logan

    Umace DejavuUmace DejavuHace 12 días
  • i fucking shit my pants when he hit the manequin

    Kamen MitevKamen MitevHace 13 días
  • 😂😂😂

    Stephen WilliamsStephen WilliamsHace 13 días
  • 3:38 I broke cause shit

    Villain DekuVillain DekuHace 15 días
  • When jake defended women with cramps i was like wow i may like jake now

    Lizzie MahlerLizzie MahlerHace 15 días
  • 3:39 I thought it was real! WTF

    axelberchtoldaxelberchtoldHace 15 días
  • My heart skipped a beat when he kicked the ball 😂😂

    TH HTTH HTHace 16 días
  • Any one get a ad to the Maverick club

    Evangami 12Evangami 12Hace 16 días
  • holy shit that scared me

    pooter Cloudpooter CloudHace 17 días
  • the ball kick at the mannequin got me at first 😂😂

    Harrison DudleyHarrison DudleyHace 17 días
  • Mac can be such an a$$hole

    Chris McCarthyChris McCarthyHace 18 días
  • 3:06 so are we just gonna ignore the fact that Logan’s mom put her hand up?

    Hilton.SHilton.SHace 18 días
  • logan would have gotten the mile is he didnt cramp 100%

    Flick SlickFlick SlickHace 20 días
  • At 3:37 I thought logan hit his mom and I got scared 🤣🤣😅

    Mario OrtegaMario OrtegaHace 22 días
  • 3:40 for a moment i was scared

    Akshaan MehraAkshaan MehraHace 22 días
  • That's sad what happened to pam

    reebee 96reebee 96Hace 23 días
  • Logang vibes always dope videos and amazing content.

    Btar DojaBtar DojaHace 24 días
  • i shook3:38

    Star BuzzStar BuzzHace 24 días
  • 3:39 I thought he actually just hit his mom

    Fade StreamerFade StreamerHace 25 días
  • when the ball hit the maniquine it was like w2s all other again

    maison Hughesmaison HughesHace 27 días
  • I low key thought he kicked his mom

    ZxyZxyHace 28 días
  • 3:38 we all thought

    KandoKandoHace 29 días

    Jxt DxbJxt DxbHace 29 días
  • i kinda jumped when it hit the dummys face

    Hunter GamingHunter GamingHace un mes
  • 😂😂

    bigtonutzbigtonutzHace un mes

    Its JbunnyIts JbunnyHace un mes
  • 3:37 I got scared at first that he really hit his Mom but then I saw, it really wasn't his Mom Lmfaooo😆😂

    RoseRoseHace un mes
  • My heart stop

    Jamaal WilliamsJamaal WilliamsHace un mes
  • 3:38 Lol at the first time I got REALLY scared.

    Ricky ParejaRicky ParejaHace un mes
  • lmao, the part with the ball o moms face

    Mac MikeMac MikeHace un mes
  • Hes still wearing those shitty gucci sliper

    CYPHERCYPHERHace un mes
  • Fuck u logan lmao my heart hit my asshole an i jumped when u kicked that ball at your so say mom

    Jennifer RobinJennifer RobinHace un mes
  • I actually thought that was your mom. 😅🤣

    Teddy LaneskyTeddy LaneskyHace un mes

    Mads Orø OlsenMads Orø OlsenHace un mes
  • I thought it really was is mom

    CEL1010CEL1010Hace un mes
  • Pink nipple bros!🤣 How the fuck are they sooo pink??🤣

    SpitfireSpitfireHace un mes
  • This video and the one when he shot even in the head with a arrow 😂

    Leif EricLeif EricHace un mes
  • when logan kicked the ballon the statue i thought it was his mom and it scared the sh*t out of me

    Joshua Miguel UmbayJoshua Miguel UmbayHace un mes
  • This is too easy

    Jacob LagunasJacob LagunasHace un mes
  • Bro I thought his mom went to space

    Axstro luqyAxstro luqyHace un mes
  • Love the PLL hat I know I’m 2 months late hopefully Logan will see this. Like is you know what the pll is

    Jonathan GuidaJonathan GuidaHace un mes
  • 3:38 got my ass 😂😂

    Josh AtwalJosh AtwalHace un mes
  • #3:37 goodbye pamily

    Brandon TroutwineBrandon TroutwineHace un mes
  • One moment his mom was there the next moment you see the dolls head go flying where the hell did mom go😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Xander ScottXander ScottHace un mes
  • my cousin can do 4.2

    Shane ColeShane ColeHace un mes
  • Hardest thing ever I done: Doing my homework while my teacher is collecting it

    Mark KangMark KangHace un mes
  • Please can we get the old funny and crazy Logan Paul I miss him 😭 Exemple : AYY YOO LOGANG WHATS POPPING!

    GoingHeartsGoingHeartsHace un mes
  • My god jake is so likable and funny Only on logans channel

    Prajwal RandivePrajwal RandiveHace un mes
  • i was scared

    hazza ahmedhazza ahmedHace un mes
  • Brooo who elses heart skipped a beat when his mom got kicked

    Long chicken Long eggLong chicken Long eggHace un mes
  • 2:16 I have to do that shit every day for going on 8 years lol because of diabetes

    Leon HensmanLeon HensmanHace un mes
  • Wtf I actually thought he kicked his mom with the basket ball lol

    SkoodlSkoodlHace un mes
  • When my mom takes away my Xbox 3:38

    Salt TexSalt TexHace un mes
  • A kid at my elementary school ran a mile in 5 minutes and 20 seconds

    Typical FanTypical FanHace un mes
  • My heart literally dropped when he drop kicked the ball at his fake mom

  • That scared the shit out of me when he kicked the ball at the dummies head 😂😂😂

    Calum MoroneyCalum MoroneyHace un mes
  • When logan kicked that basketball at that doll that made me jump

    B-reezyyB-reezyyHace un mes
  • This is on my b day

    Jack NewmanJack NewmanHace un mes
  • Wtf i deadass thought his moms head blew off fam

    Ashton jAshton jHace un mes
  • I almost went into cardiac arrest after he kicked the ball at his moms face

    Ashton jAshton jHace un mes
  • Omfg i actually jumped when he kicked the ball “at her”

    justin carvalhojustin carvalhoHace un mes
  • im diggin the PLL hat

    Lucas BustamanteLucas BustamanteHace un mes
  • Jake Paul: girls have cramps once a month , you think they do this? Me: uh yea lol

    Veda DawsonVeda DawsonHace un mes
  • I wish his hair was the same length as it was in his profile but with the current faded yellow color. He could've been fire with hair like that and the beard, but even without he still is

    Tim CookTim CookHace un mes
  • He looks better slimmer when he’s bulky he jus looks annoying no offence

    Microwave MmmmMicrowave MmmmHace un mes
  • The fact that his “mother” would rather be a friend than his parent 😔

    Natasha LetourneauNatasha LetourneauHace un mes
  • 3:38 That Got Me I Thought It's Logan mom

  • I fucking shat bricks when you kicked the ball at your mum

    NANNA N3SHNANNA N3SHHace un mes
  • .

    inesemeinesemeHace un mes
  • Jake: “I got ur hair it’s okay” acts like a girl holding her friends hair while she pukes😂😂💀💀💀💀💀✌️

    Dylan ADylan AHace 2 meses
  • I’m fuckin 12 and run a 730 not 530 but I’m 12

    Jake SJake SHace 2 meses
  • I wonder what all the eight-year-olds thought when Logan just decapitated his “mom” with the basketball

    OG_PIayer242 FTWOG_PIayer242 FTWHace 2 meses
  • 3:38 actually got me lmaoo I thought you domed your mom💀💀

    Jomsviking 03Jomsviking 03Hace 2 meses
  • @ 3:36😂

    beastd0gbeastd0gHace 2 meses
  • I’m 12 and I finished the mile and I did a 5:59

    SG SpAc3SG SpAc3Hace 2 meses
  • That scared me so much when he kicked the ball into the manikins head😂😂

    KingfryKingfryHace 2 meses
  • I was watching on my tv. My dad now thinks iam a fucked up teenager. Who watches ghost porn. Thanks Paul

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    Fatih TürkelFatih TürkelHace 2 meses
  • my heart stopped one second.

    CodeRCodeRHace 2 meses